Health Update July 2017

I’m in remission and working harder than ever before. Like a man out of a choma, I’ve been working about 16 hour days and loving it. I’ve always been a workaholic, but I’m also a worka-lovit. Work for me is stress-relieving, rather than stressful. It feels great to finally be up, off my back, and back in business. Currently working days at the Starbucks down the street next to a nice young woman who is opening her own deluxe clothing line and a real estate agent who just brokered a deal on a great property for a young man buying his first home. The people who you meet in public work spaces are often the coolest stories out there. A retired couple (meeting for the first time) watched my things for me while I went to the bathroom.


The infused green tea is wonderful. I highly recommend it.

Be cool people.



Author: Greg at

Writer, Editor, Tutor, Teacher Gamer, Anime-Scholar Wannabe In training as a translator! Now I'm an Entrepreneur.

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